Pais Vasco


I apologize for not updating in a while but things have been so busy!

My fabulous parents came to visit me at the end of October for my fall break. It was SO absolutely great to see them. I showed them around “my city” and they met my host family. We spent over three hours in the famous Cathedral of Toledo which I hadn’t seen yet.

On Friday we left in a rented car and drove up towards the Basque Country in northern Spain. On the way we stopped in Burgos, the historic capital of Castille. We saw the very elaborate Burgos Cathedral, a Gothic-style Roman Catholic Cathedral.


Burgos Cathedral

After a quick lunch of Paella in Burgos, we continued towards San Sebastian (Donostia). We arrived and checked into our hotel, then walked around the Parte Vieja (Old Quarter) of the city. San Sebastian is famous for “Pinxtos” which are basically tapas. There are tons of lively Pinxtos Bars in the old quarter. Mom, Dad, and I hopped around from pinxto bar to pinxto bar, indulging in the delicious Basque cuisine! It was fun to hang around all the locals because tons of people were out.

The next day we drove up to Mt. Igueldo, where we saw a breathtaking view of San Sebastian’s conch shell-shaped beach!



In the afternoon we drove to Bilabo, and visited the Guggenheim museum of modern art. We probably spent over an hour just admiring the incredible architecture of the building! It is apparently one of the most admired works of contemporary architecture, designed by Frank Gehry.

Guggenheim, Bilbao

On Sunday, we treated ourselves to a fabulous four-course meal in San Sebastian for lunch. It was one of the most delicious meals I’ve had in Spain! We even went all out and ordered a few desserts to share. After lunch we walked around the old quarter a little bit more, then hiked up to a lookout point with a nice view of the city.

On Monday, we drove across the border to a town in the South of France, called St Jean de Luz. It is still considered part of Basque Country. The sun finally peeked out for us and we walked around the town, popping into tons of cute pastry shops, including one where we tried DELIGHTFUL macaroons! The town is on the coast and there is a nice beach. It was my first time in France which was exciting, even though I felt like such a foreigner without knowing any bit of French.

St Jean de Luz

I had such a great time traveling with Mom and Dad. It was stress-free, filled with great food and awesome sites. We saw so many things in so few days. I miss them already!