Milan, Italy

Thanksgiving weekend I flew to Milan, Italy to meet up with the fabulous Noa Rose Gutterman! I was alone in the hostel Thursday night, which was a little depressing and lonely considering it was Thanksgiving. This was the first Thanksgiving I had spent away from home! I ate an orange for my Thanksgiving feast and went to bed early. The next morning I woke up with just a little time before Noa arrived. I walked around near our hostel and tried to find somewhere to get breakfast…I ended up going to a bar behind our hostel but I had trouble communicating what I wanted! I got a pastry and cappuccino. It was uncomfortable not knowing ANY of the Italian language.

It was so great to see Noa. She came around 2:00 and we went to a good restaurant where I got my fill of delicious Italian pasta. Once I was with her I immediately felt more comfortable. She knew what she was doing since she’s studying in Florence and speaks Italian, so I felt less insecure. After lunch we called Dan and met up with him. Although I had been out of touch, there was something so awesome about meeting up in a foreign country with two high school friends! Dan was a great guide and I think he was really happy to see us and to show us around. We went to a cute café that Dan goes to often. Dan is really close with the workers and owner there.

Dan showed us the Duomo, the Galleria (a beautiful building with fancy upscale shops) and around the main touristy square. We saw his apartment and met his roommates. They were really friendly. Milan definitely isn’t a “beautiful” city (except the Duomo which is spectacular-we only saw it from the outside) but I had fun and it was cool seeing so many classy/fashionable people! A lot of Milan is very industrial. It’s huge too.


On Saturday Noa and I went to get haircuts at this very upscale and trendy salon! It was a really unique experience and I had so much fun. I didn’t get mine cut because it was too pricy (almost 80 euro!) so I just had the stylist wash it and blow it out. All the stylists were so fashionable and I had this super cute guy named Antonio. He didn’t speak a word of English so I tried to communicate using Spanish minus the ending vowels. The whole interaction between us was quite funny and he definitely didn’t understand me…but I got my point across and he did a FABULOUS job with my hair. He styled my hair with a round brush and blow drier into long beautiful waves…I had wished I had somewhere to go that night!


Noa and I went across the street to a little gourmet market/restaurant and ate delicious Paninis with fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, and tomato. Super yummy and fresh! We met up with Dan and his friends and walked around with them, going to the fancy upscale fashion district. Then we went back to Dan’s place, and turned on the MI-OSU game while he cooked dinner for us. It was fun to be with Dan and his friends, especially in a student apartment. Dinner was delicious; Dan whipped up some type of veggie/pasta/cheese sauce thing. After dinner we just hung out and went to bed early because I had to catch a 7am plane in the morning!

Overall it was a good weekend. GREAT to see Dan and Noa. Very comforting to be with high school friends again and to see a bit of Italy.Image



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